Chain Theatre set to close

In a little more than three months, Queens loses one of its mainstay performance venues as Long Island City’s Chain Theatre rings down its curtain one final time.

Home to the Variations Theatre Group for a little more than three years, the Chain is part of a larger building on 45th Road being converted into yet another LIC residential building.

“I got the call this week,” Kirk Gostkowski, Variations’ artistic director, said. “I knew it was coming. Now we need a new home.”

Gostkowski has known the end was coming since the early part of the summer when the landlord told him the plans and placed the theater on a 90-day lease.

The shortened contract was renewed this past week with that phone call to Gostkowski, and will finish in February.

Although he will soon be running an acting company without a theater, Gostkowski said even without the sale of the building, it was time to start looking for a larger venue.

“We have grown,” Gostkowski said. “We need a bigger space, but I thought we would expand right here.”

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One thought on “Chain Theatre set to close

  1. The Community House in Forest Hills Gardens has a stage and St. Luke’s church also in the Gardens has a stage. Any chance you could forward this info to Mr. Gotkowski? Could he do his shows at Queens Theatre in the Park? Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 15:52:41 +0000 To:

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