Vote for Outstanding Actor (Play or Musical)

There are four men nominated in the Outstanding Actor category–two in musicals and two in plays–for this year’s Queens Kudos awards.

Vote for your choice below:


3 thoughts on “Vote for Outstanding Actor (Play or Musical)

  1. It’s odd that the lead in “Oklahoma” was not nominated, especially since it had a nomination in every other category. A big void, especially since the lead actor was more than outstanding. I will not be voting in this category.

  2. I second the top. The male leads in Oklahoma were fantastic. The boy who played the antagonist was absolutely fantastic, what a voice! that little boy will be on Broadway some day, along with Curly and the pretty little girl who played the leading lady!

  3. I have to agree, there were a lot of talents in Oklahoma. Sad that so little of them were represented, however Emily Mathis was a dynamo Laurie. Jud was a show stopper. He actually brought me to tears and felt sympathy for him.

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